At Selective Industries, we are committed to excellence. The path to excellence begins with our incredible employees. Over the years we have worked tirelessly to assemble an elite team so that we may best serve our customers. When you do business with Selective Industries, not only are you choosing a tremendous business to work with but you are also choosing highly skilled individuals with years of experience in the field. While many companies today hide their key players, we put ours at the forefront of our business! As a Selective Industries customer, you will have the complete support of our team.

Name: John P Osterman

Position: CEO & Founder

Mr. John Osterman started in the manufacturing industry early in the 1960’s after serving in the United States military. He first started as an apprentice die maker and worked with products such as quarter panels, roof tops, hoods and products of similar design. After pursuing this endeavor for a time, he then went into the line die and progressive die area. This was a challenge he truly enjoyed for several years and from this experience he was able to build an elite set of skills within the industry. These skills helped John develop even further in the industry, thus commencing his own production of stretch bending machines. His company was founded in 1971 and originally specialized in stretch bending machines. This business was successful and eventually led to the production of line dies associated with the machines. From that business model came large scale parts productions, which is still a main staple of business for Selective Industries today. John has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, whether it be production, die building, tooling, prototype parts, or welding assemblies. John remains active in the operations at Selective Industries and is always willing to lend his experience to customers in need.